Ambientletter at UIST 2018

ベルリンで開催されたUser Interface Software and Technology(UIST) 2018にてポスター発表しました.
発表内容は国内の学会であるWISSに発表済の ambientletter ですが,論文の内容は少し変更してあります.



AmbientLetter: Letter Presentation Method for Discreet Notification of Unknown Spelling when Handwriting


We propose a technique to support writing activity in a confi- dential manner with a pen-based device. Autocorrect and predictive conversion do not work when writing by hand, and looking up unknown spelling is sometimes embarrass- ing. Therefore, we propose AmbientLetter which seamlessly and discreetly presents the forgotten spelling to the user in scenarios where handwriting is necessary. In this work, we de- scribe the system structure and the technique used to conceal the user’s getting the information.

31th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2018)